5 Recommended WordPress Plugins Your Site Needs

5 Recommended WordPress Plugins Your Site Needs


The Imperative WordPress Plug-ins for your WordPress Site

There is no dearth of WordPress plug-ins. Every function or feature you want or can think of for your WordPress site to have can be set up with a simple WordPress plug-in. There are of course free and premium plug-ins, some are reliable and others are not, some are more popular than others. While you have the absolute freedom to try any of the plug-ins at your disposal, some are imperative. Here are six WordPress Plug-ins your WordPress site should have.

VaultPress for Backup

Website backup is a necessity. VaultPress is a simple solution to all your backup worries. You can have complete website backup, securely stored and ready to be restored anytime. You can migrate your website, protect your content from security threats, resolve compatibility issues and access your backup from anywhere. VaultPress doesn’t complicate the process. It is affordable and reliable. You can opt for automated generic backups or scheduled custom backups. The problem with free plug-ins is reliability. The trouble with premium plug-ins is the cost. VaultPress offers a painless experience without charging you exorbitantly while assuring you impeccable support.

Sucuri for WordPress Security

Sucuri website security helps you protect your asset. You can clean up the site and enhance its performance. Sucuri attends to backups, secure storage of your backup, instant restoration of your website whenever you need, detection and real-time response to all kinds of security threats, active malware removal, prevention against website hacks, prompt security alerts to keep you informed and a plethora of other functions. With Sucuri plug-in protecting your WordPress site, you can forget about all types of threats and focus on your core expertise. Sucuri conducts real-time detection and continuous monitoring, remote scanning including server scans, virtual patching and there is a firewall for perennial protection. Ensure zero downtime due to security issues with Sucuri.

Login LockDown to Prevent Brute Attacks

Login LockDown documents every IP address and timestamps every failed attempt to log in. Whenever there is any suspicious activity, such as frequent failed login attempts from one internet address in a very short span of time then the login function is immediately disabled and no one can access it from the designated range. Login LockDown protects your website from brute force password discovery. The plug-in can by default lock down the login feature and block the internet address for up to an hour after three failed attempts within a span of five minutes. You can change this setting to suit your needs. Login LockDown is used by more than two hundred thousand websites.

W3 Total Cache for Performance

W3 Total Cache will have an exponential effect on your website performance, especially the loading speed. W3 Total Cache is presently used by sites like CSS-Tricks, Mashable, and WPBeginner. It is also widely recommended by various web hosts to reduce the loading time. Websites take longer to load whenever there are more traffic and less available bandwidth. Slow servers and heavy websites are also common issues. W3 Total Cache creates static cache pages for every page of your website, enabling them to load at a fraction of the time it would take without the cached pages. The plug-in can cater to page cache, browser cache, database cache, object cache and CDN integration.

MaxCDN for Site Speed

MaxCDN is one the best content delivery networks, not just for WordPress sites but for any type of website. MaxCDN reduces the load on your server and its seamless integration with WordPress ensures your website doesn’t drag to load the contents of a webpage.

Yoast SEO for Optimization

A website needs to be optimized but targeting keywords alone will not get the job done. Yoast SEO helps with content optimization, previews of posts and pages on search engines, content readability, auto-generation of XML sitemap, customized social media posts with sharing snippets, indexing of websites with proactive detection of problems and website verification by webmaster tools of search engines among other crucial functions.

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