If you are trying to build an online business, you should always focus on building a list of potential customers.  I know you heard this over and over again, YOUR list is KING.  If you want a sustainable business never stop building that list.

WP Subscribe Pro – The Recommended Plugin For Email List Building

Mythemeshop.com came out with a plugin that will help you accomplish this task with relative ease.  This awesome plugin is called WP Subscribe Pro.  One great thing I like about the plugin is that it allows you to place a sidebar optin widget to collect potential customer emails with ease.

Plugin Installation Is A Breeze

Setup of this plugin is a breeze, you install it like you would install any other plugin.  In short, you need to go to plugins and press add a new plugin.  At this point, your explorer box will pop up and you would then choose the zip file you downloaded and press the upload button – Wala all Done.  Trust me, this is not like one of those difficult plugins you install only to find out you can not install it.

I’ll do you one better, check out this video to learn how to install plugins ——–  Click Here

Ability To Provide User Various Optin Integrations

WP Subscribe Pro also provides you with another chance of capturing that email by allowing you to integrate your optin form in your blog posts.  This is another great feature since you want to al least have 2 – 3 methods of collecting emails on a page.

blog post optin form

WP Subscribe Pro – The Only Tool Needed To Build Your List

It does not matter if you are doing backlinks, article marketing, and search engine optimization, these strategies do not help you when it comes to customers coming back to your site after their first visit.

Take note, 70% of visitors who visit your site may not or will NEVER return.  You need a strategy to bring these people back.  If you have them on your email list, you can try and gain their trust in you.  Give them a reason to return to your site.  WP Subscribe Pro allows you to execute your strategy with ease.


Great Core Features

  • Boosted Revenue
  • Abandon Visitors Reduced
  • Improve User Engagement
  • Fully Responsive Plugin
  • Popup Triggers
  • Popup Animation
  • Popup Show Related Articles
  • Feed Burner Support
  • Mailchimp Support
  • Getresponse Support
  • AweberSupport
  • Absolutely No Coding Required
  • Html & Shortcodes Supported

Do not go looking for the next shiny object to build your list.  Trust Mythermeshop.com, the makers of this plugin.  They have been around for some time and they know how to build plugins.  With over 361,577 HAPPY users at the time of this writing, I do not think you could go wrong with them.  Check out their website and check out their other WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.