Recommended Internet Marketing Tools
If you are going to do internet marketing, you need a place for people to be able to come back to, something that is your own. This is where a hosting account comes in to play. Do not get caught up in the hype about unlimited everything when it comes to hosting. That is a flat out lie, hosting is always limited and you pay for space. I personally use and recommend Bluehost.

List Building
You’ve heard it before, the money is in the list. You need to be able to keep in touch with your subscribers, they are your bread and butter when it comes to truly making sustainable income online. The tool I recommend for this is Aweber to build your list.

Another list building tool that does the job and a tad bit cheaper would be Get Response.

Domain Registration
You are going to need your own domain name, for example, so people can find you online. I use to use GoDaddy, but they are shady in some aspects, therefore I would urge you to use Namecheap, they are professional and offer great support service if needed. One great thing, you can google Namecheap coupons, which can be used for purchase discounted domain names.

Keyword Research
when doing keyword research, you can do it manually or you can use Market Samurai to do your keyword research. With this tool, you will be able to find niche keywords along with finding out what your competition is like, how much competition is there, low competition keywords, etc. This can be done all in one place with one program. I could not do it without this tool.

Article Content
Google loves content and no matter what niche you are in, you need content. If you’re strapped for cash, you can write your own 500-word articles or you can head on over to IWriter and have them professionally prepare your articles for you. I believe a 500-word article will run you around $5.

Content Management System
When you join up with Bluehost they provide you with a one-click install for your content management system known as WordPress. This platform is widely used by Online Internet Marketers.

Your WordPress platform is going to require a theme, which enables you to customize your site to your liking. When choosing these themes, you need to make sure the theme is compatible with all devices such as your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. The theme should also be fast and very responsive. The people I trust to provide me with these types of themes are Thrive Themes.

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