Aloha, my name is Keith Borom and I am born and raised in Hawaii now residing in Columbus Georgia.  keith borom image

Previously before doing internet marketing, I worked in the accounting field for 15 Years and I worked as a Systems Administrator for 3 years setting up networks, desktop install/troubleshooting/build, software installs and various other computer related work.

I have been seriously working online doing internet marketing for the last 5 years. You will not find any fancy pictures of exotic cars, homes or streams of money popping out of no where.

I do make a steady income online, but far from being a millionaire. I love to teach so my goal is to teach people who are interested in making money online without all the hype that you see around the net.

You will be able to view my tutorials from A to Z when it comes to setting up and running an online internet marketing business. You will get the chance to look over my shoulders as I teach you online marketing using organic traffic, paid traffic, facebook traffic, social  media traffic, etc.

Besides learning from me, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates. This is the membership sight that I used when I got serious about learning how to do internet marketing. The site has been along for a long time and teaches you step by step on making money online in any niche you desire. Not only do you have the opportunity of working with 2 great marketers, but you also get to collaborate with other like minded individuals who have the same objective as yourself. You need answers, no problem, just post your question in the forum and trust me it will get answered. This is a goldmine and better than trying to figure everything out yourself.

In the beginning of my internet marketing career, I tried to put together the internet marketing puzzle, but I hit a information overload.  I would jump all over the place buying a lot of things and these sold called Gurus would only provide a piece of the puzzle.  Trust me when I tell you this, you need aa coach.  If you join Wealthy Affiliates, they will provide you with the whole puzzle when it comes to internet marketing.  The best thing is that you can join for free and test the system out at Wealthy Affiliates.

I hope you take the plunge and join me and really get involved so we all can enjoy in the process of making money online.



Keith A. Borom ( Your Online Biz Partner)